Jan 242014
Max Rebo and Hooter

MAX REBO AND HOOTER: Two aliens from two different universes, similar but not quite the same, yet with enough parallels between them that it begs the question of whether these two aliens are somehow related.

The short answer to this question is yes. These two aliens are definitely somewhat related as the first alien, Max Rebo, has been cited as the source of inspiration for the second alien, Hooter. However, the question at hand is not whether a simple connection between the two exists, but rather if that connection goes deeper than mere inspiration. Could Max Rebo and Hooter somehow be related biologically? To fully answer that, we must first learn a little bit more about our two aliens.

The first alien, Max Rebo, is the musician seen clanking away at the keys in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, while the second alien, Hooter, is the clumsy alien keyboardist from Disney’s Captain EO. Not much is known about the second alien. In fact, the little we know about him comes mostly from the short 17-minute film shown exclusively at Disney theme parks. We do, however, know much more about the first alien, Max Rebo, due to the vast store of Star Wars lore established by the Expanded Universe. We know, for example, that members of his species are known as Ortolans. We know that Ortolans are highly intelligent beings originating from the planet Orto, and we have even come to meet a few other sample representatives of his species. Yet despite the ever-growing knowledge we have about Max Rebo and his fellow Ortolans, we know next to nothing about Hooter, at least not enough to determine whether the two are related biologically, or to be more specific, whether Hooter is in fact an Ortolan. Thus the real question remains to be answered: is it possible that these two aliens are members of the same species?

Star Wars fans have asked this question for years. After all, the similarities between the two are striking and undeniable: they are both blue-skinned, elephant-like aliens with similar height and body shape—both being somewhat shorter than the average human and fairly pudgy looking—and with a friendly countenance and guileless expression that lends to an overall appearance that can only be described as super-duper adorable. However, in addition to their physical similarities, they both also happen to be musicians who play keyboard-like instruments (somewhat ironic for elephant-like beings) in a delightfully clunky fashion.

Nevertheless, despite all these similarities, there is ample evidence just as compelling to the contrary. In fact, when one looks at photographic examples of both aliens side-by-side, numerous differences become apparent. These differences might be minute and easily overlooked at first glance, but they are key and definitely worth considering.

Max Rebo Hooter
Max Rebo, the Ortolan musician best known for playing the nalargon (a.k.a. Red Ball Jett Organ) at Jabba’s Palace in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Hooter, the clumsy elephantine member of Captain EO’s band, who through music helps defeat the evil alien queen, known only as the Supreme Leader, in Disney’s Captain EO.

Let us now examine both the similarities and the differences to once and for all answer this linger question, a question that has crossed—nay, troubled—the minds of more than a few Star Wars fans throughout the years, a question that arises every time these fans take a break from Star Tours and catch a screening of Disney’s Captain EO during their visit to Disneyland, a question that no one in their right mind should ever bother with except that Star Wars fans are…well, you know, Star Wars fans.

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Sep 232013

So I know we’re all like totally pumped about the Scribbenauts Unmasked game coming out tomorrow for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS consoles. I mean, who isn’t, right? And I also know some of you can’t wait and are even a little pissed that they’re not having a midnight release for it. But that’s okay because the game developers are making up for it by giving us a free digital comic tomorrow when we pick up the game.

That’s right. Included with every new copy of the game will be a code to redeem a free digital copy of a comic titled Scribblenauts Unmasked #1 – “A Battle Most Bizzare. The comic by Josh Elder and Adam Archer will be released by DC Comics on Sept 24th 2013, the same day as the game, and will be redeemable through ComiXology. It may not completely make up for not having a midnight release but at least that’s something!


Dec 232012

After a very very long hiatus, ZombieOven is finally back! Much older but none the wiser, our heroes have much to catch up on. A new marriage, a new home, and three brand-spanking-new inches of cock, there have been many life-altering changes. And of course the age-old question finally gets explored: What are the depths of your vagina? Join us and find out.

royal wedding bloody sheets_2

Date Recorded: 12/16/2012
Location: Sankoni and Veronica’s Place

May 022012

I don’t know why but I get such a big kick out of these ladies:

Something tells me that this is going to be Kristy and Veronica in about 20 er.. I mean, 40 years.

Apr 292012

In the last few years, Telltale games has been working hard to invent and perfect a new paradigm of game development: episodic semi-casual adventure games.  Breathing new life into the  Monkey Island (a Pocketmnky favorite!) and Sam & Max franchises, as well as extending the story lines of movie blockbusters Back to the Future and Jurassic Park.

Check out my review of their latest offering The Walking Dead: Episode One after the jump.

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Apr 252012

Because crossovers rule, DC Entertainment announced today that it will be teaming up with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios (formerly Stoopid Monkey Studios) to produce a Robot Chicken DC Comics Special, similar to the Star Wars specials of the last few years.

Check out the official announcement here.